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Andrew Fernie

"I have known Craig for a long number of years and can highly recommend him as someone who offers an extremely high level of service in all aspects of investment. Forming Antonine has allowed Craig the freedom to develop his ideas on financial strategy, and his blend of professionalism with a personal touch has given me the confidence to invest in his recommendations.

"He is ably backed by his colleagues within the company and is always available to take a call or arrange a meeting at short notice. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking advice in pension planning or investment strategy."

Ann Herd

"I am extremely grateful to Craig Gillon for the friendly professional advice he has so patiently given me following my husband's death. With his sense of order and calm he has steered me through difficult times. I am pleased to have gained understanding and confidence in the investments planned and managed on my behalf by AIM."

David & Helen Wright

"Medical people in general are pretty hopeless with money matters and we are no exception. Craig came to us highly recommended and we have known him now for several years. He is punctual, his preparation is always meticulous, his attention to our agenda always respectful and considerate, his advice unbiased, and his patience endless!

"As much as it has been possible over the last 4 or 5 years to enjoy financial examination, Craig has enabled us to make the most of our lot with courtesy, good humour and a high level of professionalism. He's also a really nice bloke."  

Bill & Liz Neary

"Over the past decade we have found Craig to be courteous and always willing to listen to our investment views and aims. He is knowledgeable, explains investment jargon well and appeasrs to have some good contacts when we require detailed answers.

"Overall you always feel as though you are in a steady and safe pair of hands."

Bob Beaty

"My wife and I put our investment monies in Craig's hands some years ago and have had absolutely no regrets at having done so. Throughout the time we have been with him he has provided a personal, professional and well-informed service, always ensuring our portfolio reflected our views on risk versus security while keeping us abreast of the latest developments and opportunities in the investment world.

"A safe pair of hands in a changing and challenging economic environment."

Stephen & Toni Smillie- Falkirk

We would recommend AIM to any private client looking for financial advice. Indeed we have already done so several times. Over the last several years we have aggregated all our pension funds into personal pensions which are managed via AIM. We benefit from a personal service tailored to our needs, with regular updates on how each component of our investments is performing. AIMs advice always makes sense and is lucidly explained. While ultimately the investment decisions are our ours, we have confidence that with AIM's support we are able to make those decisions good ones. Also we feel we are among friends and enjoy the contact we have.

Tony Ross – Perthshire

Having sold our business in 2005 we decided to ask Craig to manage a much larger part of our investment portfolio and would describe him as a consummate professional. Always willing to discuss various options and strategies, Craig regularly provides comprehensive analysis of the performance across our portfolio and it comes with recommendations on amendments when required. The results he has produced for us since managing our fund have been very satisfactory notwithstanding history's most challenging period of the World's investment markets.

Jim Paterson- Founder of James Paterson Plumbing & Heating Ltd- Perthshire

Having dealt with other advisers in the past and had some bad experiences, it is refreshing to deal with a firm such as AIM who really do have the client at the heart of their service offering. Nothing is too much trouble and the team really do have a 'can-do' attitude. We now rely on them, not only our personal business but also for our company's Employee Benefits arrangements and I could happily recommend them to others.