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Antonine Investment Managers understand that if you are not offering an employee benefits package to your staff (which could include pensions, life assurance, income protection cover, critical illness cover and private medical insurance), then you are not maximising the value-for-money opportunities in your staffing costs.

In many cases, your staff may consider the value of the benefits package to be much higher than the actual cost to provide, which makes the benefits package a very useful tool in remuneration negotiations with staff. A good benefits package can also be used to attract the highest calibre of candidate.

The benefits not only offer a valuable benefit to your staff but also assist in the efficient management of the company by providing cover for certain risks as listed below:

Group Income Protection

When a valued member of staff is not able to work for a long period due to ill health, it can be a difficult time for the staff member as well as the staff member's manager who may feel they are condemning their valued member of staff to State Benefits. If, however, the staff member has an income protection plan as part of their package, their salary will be largely replaced by income from the insurer, giving peace of mind to the staff member and their manager.

Critical Illness Cover

If one of your staff members suffered a serious illness (such as cancer, heart attack, stroke), they may not be in a financial position to stop working while receiving treatment. If the staff member had critical illness cover, the lump sum payable would give them this option, allowing them the best opportunity to make a full recovery and to return to work at full productivity.

Private Medical Insurance

As the resources of the NHS continue to be stretched, they do not deal with non-urgent conditions as quickly as we would like. The NHS is not concerned that a staff member's productivity may be impaired while they await treatment. If your staff member had private medical cover, they could receive treatment much quicker, resulting in them returning to full productivity much sooner.  

Life Insurance

Setting up a group death-in-service scheme (usually as part of a pension) can be a good idea for all staff but especially staff with health problems, as they may struggle to purchase life insurance at a reasonable cost or not be able to purchase any at all. This gives all staff peace of mind knowing that their families will receive a lump sum on their death, which shows that you not only care about their welfare but also their families.  

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